Bad Ass BBQ is a catering company that specializes in producing delicious smoked BBQ meats. They are also a professional BBQ team that competes in BBQ competitions.

If you know me, then you know I love BBQ. In fact, I myself am a certified KCBS BBQ Judge. I build web sites and I smoke ribs & butts. Anyway, this client really needed a new web site and I really needed to eat some good BBQ. So we traded services. He got a new web site and I got a catered BBQ event for the church that attend. It was a WIN – WIN!! Unfortunately the proprietor is on a medical leave due to his health but I pray he will be back at it as his BBQ was truly Bad Ass!!!

I might be to blame for my clients health problem as he got extremely busy after I created his new web site. My clients Google ranking dramatically improved as did the number of calls for catering jobs!!

  • Our new web site quickly rose to the top of Google!

    We had the good fortune of working with Robb Farion to create our BBQ catering business web site. Robb worked tirelessly and created our public image which far exceeded our expectations. He is professional, incredibly talented and patient. Our site went to the top of Google search almost immediately and the public response was phenomenal! We went from word-of-mouth to numerous catering requests per week. Ninety percent of the contact from potential clients through our site mention how they loved the look he created. We really couldn’t be happier with our site and Robb’s continued support

    Dave McKay
    Master Chef, Bad Ass BBQ