This client was looking to replace two older web sites with a newer web site that would be easier to maintain and that would offer e-commerce to their customers. However their immediate concern for re-packaging their products and getting materials ready for a trade show needed to be addressed first. So I introduced this client to Roxy Design who did an amazing job at organizing and simplifying their branding. Later, when the client was ready, Roxy also designed this web site. There were many challenges and hurdles to overcome in development but in the end we created a site that the client was very happy with. This site includes added features such as registering products, complex content tabs for products, a custom “my account” page, an animated page loading icon, real-time shipping quotes and much more.

  • I could not give a higher recommendation for a website developer.

    I worked with Robb on developing our company’s new website. We had a pretty basic website previously but this time we wanted a much more comprehensive design and a very integrated web store. The task seemed very daunting at first, but Robb was a true champ in simplifying what needed to be done and worked tremendously hard to meet all of our requests, even when we were most demanding. He was always very professional and what was most beneficial was his willingness to suggest ideas and approaches to the design process from his years of experience. Robb actually introduced me to Roxy Design which he worked in tandem with and who I ended using to design the graphics and art not only for the website but my product packaging as well. I could not give a higher recommendation for a website developer.

    Darren Ali
    Collective Minds Lead Product Architect