Merlin Aviation repairs and services helicopters worldwide.

A must see FLASH web site!

You have to grab the controls of the helicopter to navigate to web pages.

This creative concept that I designed is unlike any web site that you have ever seen before. It starts with a custom video animation and leaves you hovering in front of a cityscape whereby the web site content exists on billboards hanging on the sides of buildings. You have to grab the controls of the helicopter with your mouse and fly it left and right. Move your mouse up to zoom in on your page. The page transitions like a revolving billboard to display your content.

Special features and things to look for …

  • The helicopter cockpit is a real photo I took while visiting the clients office

  • The clients logo is on the Christmas tree air freshener and it tilts w/gravity as you fly left and right

  • The horizon gauge actually works and shows your angle of tilt as the entire cockpit interface rolls left and right

  • The clock on the dash displays your computers real time

  • The buildings sidewall perspectives change as they fly by

  • The Services Worldwide map can be edited with a text file

  • The photo gallery can be edited with a text file

  • The main FLASH file is only 1.05MB’s

I don’t consider FLASH animations as a viable means of displaying web content any more. This project however is one of most creative things I have ever produced.