I love what I do, but even more I love serving the unique needs of each of my clients. Their challenges become my inspiration!

“Exceeding my clients expectations is what I strive for!”

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and have been self employed nearly my whole life. My many years of business experience and computer business management training give me keen insight on how to best help my clients achieve their goals. Exceeding their expectations and providing a high level of customer service is my trademark and my recipe for success. Even though I have many clients, I want each one to feel as though they have my full attention.

Yes bigger budgets net a higher quality product with more features, functions, changes and attention to detail. However, I am also very happy to work within whatever your budget is. My hope is that, when your project is finished, you will feel that you received tremendous value.

I am an honest and dependable graphic designer and web developer whom you can count on to always give you the straight goods. I wont take on projects that exceed my skill set and if we enter uncharted territory – we’ll do so together. Part of my job is to share with you my experience and knowledge and bring that to the table with the work that I do for you.

My former company Better Business Presentations Ltd. helped raise millions in investment dollars by providing its clients with extremely creative designs and fancy interactive presentations! I started in 1995.

Currently, I develop my own projects and I also provide sub-contract services to other firms.