Permel is a custom signage company, offering an extensive range of high quality engraving and custom signage to fulfill every need from laser engraving and cutting, stencils, reception signage, plaques and name tags to 3D lettering signage.

I am very proud of this project because it perfectly illustrates just what me and strategic partners can accomplish.

Permel received top-notch full service and saw a significant improvement to their bottom line!

Permel wanted to update their web site & content but could not find the time to provide the content and direction needed to move their project forward. So I sent in my strategic partner Magenta Marketing who did a full assessment of Permel’s business and its marketing position. Magenta helped defined Permels next step marketing goals and business strategy as well as develop the new web site plan and content.

This web site which I developed was designed by a 3rd party design company. It was very unique design which presented some unique challenges. One of the special features I developed was individual product & market portfolio’s which display random product images and descriptions (ie each portfolio would contain a randomized list of different product thumbnails, and each product could contain multiple images, but only one image would display allowing for the portfolio to always contain the same products by look different each time it is viewed).

With the a brand new web site it was time to drive traffic to it. With the assistance of another strategic partner, Mint Marketing, Permel immediately saw an increase in phone calls and sales.

The owner of Permel is very happy with the results of his new web site! Go team!